Friday, June 30, 2006

Where Do Colors Come From?

In the world there is electromagnetic energy that varies in frequency and intensity but it is not “colored” frequency and intensity. Electromagnetic energy is colorless. When humans absorb vibrations in the range of 350 to 750 nanometers, we experience colors from blue to green to red. But that’s about us, not the world. There is no color in the world. There is no color in the brain. So where does the color come from?


  1. the colors come from to the primary color .red ,violet,green.

  2. from the rainbow. in a thing, all colors are being absorbed except the color which is really meant for it. example, red rose, all color are being absorbed by the rose, except the red !

  3. What you said is what most people believe, Fritz. Trouble is, drops of water (rainbows) and roses, and everything else, absorb and reflect wavelengths of light differentially.

    Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, e.g., from radio waves to cell phone microwaves.

    Electromagnetic waves have no color. What color is a radio signal? What color is a cell phone signal?

    We can't see those of course, so they have no color as far as we are concerned. It just so happens that our eyes are sensitive to electromagnetic energy in a certain narrow range (the "visible" range).

    But a rose has no eyes.